Reading Spurgeon’s “Lectures to My Students”-Part 3

Ok-by part 3 I mean chapter 3 (maybe I’ll post the first two chapters a different time!).  But I’ve started reading through this work from the ever quotable Charles and I’ll just share snippets or thoughts based on that each post.

Some Quotes:

quoting Bernard- “It would be wholly monstrous for a man to be highest in office and lowest in soul.” (regarding a pastor’s heart condition)

“All of our libraries and studies are mere emptiness compared with our closets.  We grow, We wax mighty, we prevail in private prayer.”-Note that Spurgeon had a HUGE library!  He’s not discounting the importance of preparation and study.  Just relatively compared to knowing God.

“Texts will often refuse to reveal their treasures till you open them with the key of prayer.”  (a good night’s sleep has similar effects on good exegesis, I think.)

“A certain Puritan divine at a debate was observed frequently to write upon the paper before him: upon others’ curiously seeking to read his notes, they found nothing upon the page but the words, ‘More light, Lord,’ ‘More light, Lord,’ repeated scores of times: a most suitable prayer for the student of the Word when preparing his discourse.”

“None are so able to plead with men as those who have been wrestling with God on their behalf.”

“Most preachers who depend upon God’s Spirit will tell you that their freshest and best thoughts are not those which were premeditated.”-He’s not arguing for an unprepared message.  Rather, that prayerful diligent study often yields insights even in the moment of speaking.

“If we cannot prevail with men for God, we will, at least, endeavour to prevail with God for men.”

quoting Theodorus about Luther: “With what life and spirit did he pray! It was with much reverence, as if he were speaking to God, yet with so much confidence as if he were speaking to his friend.”

The next chapter is on public prayer and I’m really curious to read it!  I wonder if he advises replacing “um…” with “Father”…


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  1. way to start a website and the only put someone else’s quotes… 🙂 i love you

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