Have you not read?

I’ve been working my way through Matthew bit by bit.  Today I landed in chapter 12 and was hit by the stinging question of Jesus: “Have you not read?”

Read?  Of course, I’ve read.  I’ve read the whole thing.  If someone wants to know about a story or a major verse, I could take them there pretty easily.  I’m certain the Pharisees were doubly shocked.  Many memorized whole books (technically scrolls) of Scripture, the commandments (not 10…613), etc.  They majored on the Book.  Of course, they read.  I mean, good grief, Jesus isn’t even recalling some obscure passage from Ezekiel–this is David!  Little kids knew these stories.  They probably grew up playing “David and the Philistines” at recess.  Of course, they had read it.

And that’s why it hurt.  A slap in the face.  It’s one thing to fail in something you claim no expertise in, but not your forte.  This was their medal event, their masterpiece–They knew Scripture.

But they didn’t.

Do we?


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