Reading Spurgeon’s “Lectures to My Students” Part 16

Chapter 16 is titled “The Need of Decision for the Truth.”  (As always, my thoughts, though increasingly rare, will be in italics.)

Spurgeon spends a portion of the chapter covering what for him constitute the “Fundamentals” or essentials of Christian truth.  I have provided them in list format:

1. God (monotheism).

2. Inspiration of Scripture

3. Trinity

4. Atonement (very high on the list, yet always one of the first things jettisoned by “progressive thinking”)

5. Holy Spirit

6. Regeneration

7. Sin and Judgment

8. “by Grace…”

9.  “…through Faith…”

On defending the truth kindly…

“Don’t go about the world with your fist doubled up for fighting, carrying a theological revolver in the leg of your trousers.  There is no sense in being a sort of doctrinal game-cock, to be carried about to show your spirit, or a terrier of orthodoxy, ready to tackle heterodox rats by the score.”

“There are theologians of such warm, generous blood, that they are never at peace till they are fully engaged in war.”

On confidence in the truth…

“Luther was the man for decision.  Nobody doubted that he believed what he spoke.  He spoke with thunder, for there was lightning in his faith.  The man preached all over, for his entire nature believed.’

On backing up speech with deeds…

“A man’s life is always more forcible than his speech; when men take stock of him they reckon his deeds as pounds and his words as pence.”

On not loving money in ministry…

“How strange it would be to hear a man say, “I am a servant of the Most High God, and I will go wherever I can get the most salary.  I am called to labour for the glory of Jesus only, and I will go nowhere unless the church is of most respectable standing.  For me to live is Christ, but I cannot do it under fiver hundred pounds per annum.”

On election…

“I believe the doctrine of election, because I am quite sure that if God had not chosen me I should never had chosen him; and I am sure He chose me before I was born, or else He never would have chosen me afterwards; and He must have elected me for reasons unknown to me, for I never could find any reason in myself why He should have looked upon me with special love.”

On suffering as preparation for ministry…

“If you have ever been dragged through the mire and clay of soul-despair, if you have been turned upside down, and wiped out like a dish as to all your own strength and pride, and have then been filled with the joy and peace of God, through Jesus Christ, I will trust you among fifty thousand infidels.”

On “modern” skepticism…

The doubters now are usually doubters because they do not care about truth at all . They are indifferent altogether.  Modern skepticism is playing and toying with truth; and it takes to “modern thought” as an amusement, as ladies take to croquet or archery.”


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