Justification by Child-rearing…

I came across an interesting article in TIME magazine yesterday about the pushback against the so-called “helicopter parenting” that seems to be on the increase.  The article is here and is worth the four pages of reading. Feel free to comment on the article itself here as well.

As a someone who has worked with teenagers and the parents, I think this is a crucial issue for those living in the ‘burbs.  The genuinely good desire to give children opportunities to grow and succeed as human beings has morphed into outright idolatry in some cases.  When Christian parents view their major identity source not as redeemed image-bearers of God but based off the performance of their offspring, they are setting themselves up for drastic disappointment (even if their kid does win the Nobel Prize or gymnastic all-around. ) They are also placing unrealistic burdens upon their children to achieve enough to fill the God-shaped and God-sized desires of the parents.  That’s a burden no one wants to bear.

The other issue this raises is how Christians can operate in a culture where everyone else is living this way.  As sports coaches and tutors continue to push unmitigated devotion to their particular crafts, Christians may have to make the difficult decisions in certain areas of life regarding their priorities.


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