Some “Twilight” Links…

disclaimer: I got most of these links from other blogs…but there’s too many to cite.

This post is primarily intended for parents of teenage girls.  For the record, I’m not a book-burner.  I don’t believe everything one reads has to have a Christian message or share a Christian worldview.  In fact, it’s probably healthy if it doesn’t.  But I do believe that parents should have a pulse on what kind of things they are spending their money purchasing books and movie tickets and posters and lunchboxes for, things their kids are spending hours reading and watching and discussing.  I think I’ve begun my 8-9 grade Sunday School class each week for like a month now having to tell some sub-group of the girls that it was time to stop talking about Twilight.  (that’s the church kids–several of which are home-schooled.) If parents let their kids read this stuff, (that’s each parent’s choice–some may choose to just avoid it altogether), then they should also be prepared to have honest, informed discussions with their kids about the ideas encountered in the books or movies.

So here’s some links to help you think about these things:

Theology of Twilight: This article examines the author’s intention of Twilight as a veiled Mormon allegory, as well as a interesting defense of some its more popularly vilified doctrine.

Doug Wilson: Pastor and author and Christian apologist Douglas Wilson spends some time reading the first novel of the series and providing his thoughts.  He gets very pointed in posts 5 and 6.

20 Unfortunate Lessons for Girls: Wired magazine’s website provides an interesting article (from a non-Christian worldview–this isn’t Plugged In) on some terrible lessons Twilight promotes for young girls.  Numbers 3, 7, and 14 are especially noteworthy.


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