World’s New Tallest Building…

You can check out this article, as well a plethora from the current front page of GoogleNews right now.

I’m not an architect.  The closest I’ve come to building something was Legos.  But even then, I was more interested in building pirate ships and machine gun turrets and characters for the sake of telling an epic story with them (during which the 5 hours of building machines, fortresses, and laser-guided crocodiles would end in apocalyptic destruction as the peg-legged, eye-patch-wearing pirate lego always managed to escape in his time-machine to the chagrin of our hero “Josh”, wearing the blue baseball cap.

That said, I love tall buildings.  I was always sad when I learned the Tower formerly known as Sears had been displaced by some other buildings as the tallest.  (I had seen the Sears Tower at least, making it a personal loss.)  This new one in Dubai is almost twice as tall as the (Sears) Tower…unbelievable.


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