Biased “Metaphorism”- CS Lewis

As promised, here begins a week of CS Lewis quotations from diverse sources.

from The Pilgrim’s Regress (which is better than it sounds, especially for those who like history of philosophy)

John the pilgrim has just been aided along a cliff’s side by a mysterious “Man”…

The Man: “…But one word before I go.  You cannot have it both ways.”

(John, the Pilgrim) “What do you mean, sir?”

“Your life has been saved all this day by crying out to something which you call by many names, and you have said to yourself that you used metaphors.”

“Was I wrong, sir?”

“Perhaps not.  But you must play fair.  If its help is not a metaphor, neither are its commands.  If it can answer when you call, then it can speak without your asking.  If you can go to it, it can come to you.”


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