Resurrection People- Day 1

“United in Resurrection…”

“Some things that should have happened to us, like death and punishment, happened instead to Jesus.  God considers us as if we really had experienced what Jesus experienced on the cross.  Conversely, there are things that happened to him that we did not deserve–like resurrection and receiving the approval of God.  Thanks to our union with Christ we share in those benefits…

Salvation is not merely a case of believing in something that happened thousands of years ago.  We are not saved by a belief.  We are saved by union with a person.  We cannot separate the propitiatory work of Christ from Christ himself.  We are saved not only by believing the fact that Christ died for our sins, but by union with the crucified and risen, exalted Savior.  Only through union with a living Savior who has in him the virtue of his atoning death do justification, forgiveness, and all the blessings of redemption become ours.  “In him, we have redemption through his blood.” (Ephesians 1:7).”  [Bold emphasis mine]

from Raised with Christ, Adrian Warnock, p. 141.


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