Resurrection People- Day 7

“New Week, New World”

“The resurrection of Jesus takes place, [John] is careful to tell us twice, ‘on the first day of the week’, and I believe this is best interpreted as the start of God’s new creation.  On the Friday, the sixth day of the week, Jesus stands before Pilate, who declares ‘behold, the man!’ (John 19:5), echoing the creation of humankind on the sixth day of creation.  On the cross Jesus finishes the work the father has given him to do (17:4), ending with the shout of triumph (tetelestai, ‘it is accomplished’, 19:30), corresponding to the completion of creation itself.  There follows, as in Genesis, a day of rest, a sabbath day (19:31); and then, while it is yet dark, Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb ‘on the first day of the week’…Jesus’ public career is to be understood as the completion of the original creation, with the resurrection as the start of the new.  The whole gospel [of John] is a kind of preparation for Easter, with signs of resurrection to be expected at several points.”

from The Resurrection of the Son of God, N.T. Wright, p. 440.


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