Great List of Questions about Kids’ Sports and Church

I came across a great article filled with good questions for Christian parents to ask themselves about their various commitments to their local faith family (church) and to other entities such as kids’ sports teams (or replace team with “band” or “debate” or whatever…).  You can check out the full list of questions here, but I especially liked this one:

“If your child attended the same percentage of practices as he/she attends worship services, would the coach let your child stay on the team??

Someday in the future, perhaps, I’ll write my own, more opinionated thoughts on the subject.  I try not to harp on this issue too much since I don’t have kids of my own yet, and I recognize the limitations that puts on my opinions.  But then again, you don’t have to own a baseball team to recognize that the Royals don’t win a lot. And you don’t have to be a parent to see that telling your kid that the body of Christ ranks last on the totem pole for 18-plus years probably isn’t the most spiritually beneficial way to disciple them.


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