I’m not dead yet…

Seriously, I was all like “i’m off my july blogging break” and then i posted like twice and disappeared again.  Steph and I are moving from Blue Springs into Kansas City to the Valentine neighborhood.  We know that if we are going to live overseas someday, it will most likely be in an urban context and with the waiting time we were just given we felt why not go now and learn.  So that’s our goal.  We’re excited about the opportunities to live as missionaries in a new area and are making plans to do a better job of it.

One thing we are going to try out is keeping a neighborhood map.  This map will basically help us record the houses and apartments around us and keep track of the NAMES of people we meet who live there.  In our current complex, we were frustrated by our inability to remember names, etc. of our neighbors especially since it seemed like people were moving in and out every month or so.  so we’re going to try and keep a written “cheat sheet” of the names, etc. of our neighbors in order to be able to have better conversations and interactions with them.


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