Why I’m Quitting Blogging…

Yep, it’s official.  I started posting online “Web logs” back in the days of Xanga in college, had some good times, decent laughs, mediocre observations, etc.  Writing has always been a good outlet for me, but blogging is no longer a good or effective way for me to write.  A couple brief thoughts on why I’m quitting (and yes, quitting blogging by blogging about it is full of irony–I got that.)

1) Not currently working where writing can be a helpful part of my job duties.  There’s a pretty good reason.

2) My post tracker reveals I’m more vain than I wish to be.  There’s a little too much narcissism in this blogging cup and I drink it up too easily.

3) It also reveals that the stuff I work on most is least viewed or cared about.

4) The stuff that I need to write about most for the sake of my own heart and life (Scripture meditations, personal ventings, prayers) aren’t really the things that blogging leads me to write nor the things people care about reading on a blog.  So why keep putting it out there?

5) There’s too many good blogs out there doing things I can only do mediocre.  like linking to other great articles.  or detailed Biblical studies stuff.  or movie/book reviews.

6) The kinds of conversations (more commenting on other blogs than on my own) I can have by blogging I can easily have by going outside or talking to my wife or emailing a friend.  I honestly would like to spend more time with my wife than on a computer. and all of those things are better forums for having conversations than blogging seems to be.

7) People on the internet are by and large uninformed, inconsiderate, and stubborn.  I don’t want to be one of them anymore. at least not on the internet. 🙂

Peace, internet.