1 John Fridays…

Well, to get myself back into this writing stuff,  I will be starting a weekly series of posts on 1 John (and 2nd and 3rd), which I studied some last year. (This year I’m going through Luke’s Gospel. I felt a lot better about my Greek when I was in 1 John, I will admit!)

So next week, look forward to an introductory discussion on how the message of 1 John can be abused.  After all, this letter is filled with polarities between good/evil, light/dark, love/hate.  John rarely has a phrase that “dies the death of 10,000 qualifications.” That makes it difficult for us, especially as pastors, to apply its message to the deeply nuanced situations of our own hearts and people. And of course, the irony there is that John (I’m using the traditional author’s name for shorthand) has a Pastor’s heart, clearly loves his people, and in fact seeks to encourage and strengthen their faith in this writing.  So how do we reconcile his absolutism with his intended pastoral concerns?  (And by extension, how can we appropriate it as well?)


3 Responses

  1. As another student of Dr. T and MBTS, I agree with the preference of Johannine Greek!

    one quick question: Do you not hold to John being the actual author…you used “traditional” and I’d like some clarification on that

    • The only pure Greek exegesis class I had was Hebrews, so 1 John was a nice place to hang out.

      I do hold to the traditional authorship, I just didn’t have time to go into all that when I was writing. I generally hold to the opinion that ancient people, including the early Church, weren’t as dumb as we’ve been told…

  2. thanks for the clarification!

    Expect some feedback from me…I love 1 John!


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