“The Homesick Perelandran” takes its title from the middle volume of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy called Perelandra:

from page 102-103…

“But he said “Hush” to his mind at this stage, for the mere pleasure of breathing in the fragrance which now began to steal towards him from the blackness ahead.  Warm and sweet, and every moment sweeter and purer, and every moment stronger and more filled with all delights, it came to him.  He knew well what it was.  He would know it henceforth out of the whole universe–the night-breath of a floating island in the star Venus. It was strange to be filled with homesickness for places where his sojourn had been so brief and which were, by any objective standard, so alien to all our race.  Or were they? The chord of longing which drew him to the invisible isle seemed to him at that moment to have been fastened long, long before his coming to Perelandra, long before the earliest times that memory could recover in his childhood, before birth, before the birth of man himself, before the origins of time.  It was sharp, sweet, wild, and holy, all in one, and in any world where men’s nerves have ceased to obey their central desires would doubtless have been aphrodisiac too, but not in Perelandra.”

We, too, innately long for a newer and better world.

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