“Under-program Your Church”!

Came across a great post yesterday called “10 Reasons to Under-Program Your Church.”  I’m considering writing a follow-up called “You might be in an over-programmed church if..” (Foxworthy-esque).  This is a topic I’ve thought about often, have lots of opinions on, and am waiting for the right time to share them some day.
Anyways, check out the original post by pastor and author Jared Wilson.  One of my favorite points in it is:

8. Over-programming reduces margin in the lives of church members. It’s a fast track to burnout for both volunteers and attendees, and it implicitly stifles sabbath.”

Some good things to chew on…


Doug Wilson’s Series on Food

Doug Wilson, regardless what one thinks of all of his unique beliefs, is a skilled writer in the vein of GK Chesterton.  Funny, brilliant illustrations, and the ability to deconstruct popular arguments.  He’s been doing a really interesting series of posts on food–especially on the current “natural, organic, free-range, anti-corporation” food movement and the spirituality of eating.  Really interesting stuff.  (even if you wind up disagreeing, there’s some great stuff to think about)

Here’s a link to his recent posts on the subject.

For the book lover

Some of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

Tips on writing.

I don’t have any.  But I read someones who did.  Neat article.

“Missional” Simplified

Here’s a neat video that visually explains the basic idea of “missional” (without really getting into the complicated sub-definitions, nuances, etc.)  Leave a comment about what you think of it!

Cool update from Louie Giglio…

For those who’ve watched Louie Giglio’s talks in the “Hope” and “Fruitcake and Ice Cream” dvds, you are familiar with the story of Ashley, a college girl who passed away in a car accident just weeks before graduation and a few months after encountering Christ.  Many remember Louie’s honesty and realism about the continued skepticism and struggles of her dad especially.  He put it, “You don’t always get the bow at the end of package.”  (Or something like that.)  A good reminder that life isn’t always Disney-scripted.

But nevertheless, 3 years later, Louie posted a very cool update to this ongoing story…

Freedom or Intolerance? A Rare Political Post…

First, it was the Swiss banning minarets. Now it appears that National Assembly of France is considering either a total ban on full face coverings for women or a ban in public buildings (much like most banks in the US.)  The story is here.

The issues involved behind both these stories are complex and vital (as they are only going to increase).  The questions raise here go beyond the traditional “liberal” or “conservative” political ideologies of those involved.  In a “free” society, when does one person’s freedom (in this case, religious) infringe upon the freedoms and safety of others?  Must one promote “freedom” in general by limiting the freedoms of a few?  How does one grant freedom to those who “freely” reject it for themselves or their families?

Stuff to chew on…