back…(and updates)

well, my self-imposed exile from blogging has ended.  Hopefully next week, we’ll see some more writing from me.  um…that’s all for now.  A lot has happened in the last month in my life.   My 3 years, 2 month stint as “interim” youth pastor here in Blue Springs officially ended a week or so ago.  I was grateful that I got to hand off my ministry investment to a good guy who I think will see some exciting things in the future.  on the disappointing side, we were hoping to see some major movement towards going overseas, but apparently they weren’t ready for us yet, so we’re here in KC for at least 2 years or so.  We’re now looking at making a move to a different area of town (possibly into the city away from the ‘burbs) to invest our lives and possibly stretch ourselves a little, as well as trying to invest in a new (non-Youth) related ministry direction.  Steph and I are both working in the research area of the VA currently.  um…that’s all I got for right now.


Update on Steph and I…

Well, (having answered several questions from several different people about this very subject yesterday), I scanned through my blogposts to simply “re-post” an update on what is going on with the life of Stephanie and me from a few months back with perhaps a clarification or revision here or there.  Oops.  Apparently no such animal exists!  So for those who care…

1. I have graduated from MBTS as of May.

2. Steph and I have begun applying with the goal of long-term international missions with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  It is without a doubt one of the best(probably simply “THE” best) mission organizations on the planet with a long track record of both ministry and personnel care.  The process takes a long time!  It is selective and grueling.  I guess they figure if you can’t handle the stress of application, you probably shouldn’t be stuck in behind 200 rickshaws in an Indian traffic jam on strike day.  We had one initial interview which went well, but the majority of the steps still remain in the process.  So keep us in prayer regarding that.

3. Steph has a good full-time job at the Research Foundation at the VA Hospital here in KC.  She handles a lot of paperwork for them, from what I hear.

4. As some of you know (especially my ministry friends who are job-hunting), my almost 3 year “interim” youth pastor job at Plaza Heights in Blue Springs is drawing to a close.  The church has put together an excellent search committee and they are currently in the process of accepting resumes through early March.  Don’t worry-I wasn’t fired or anything.  The reasons are actually pretty simple- a) I don’t want to be a youth pastor for the rest of my life.  b) What was supposed to be 6 months or so of a job ended up being almost 3 years. It was simply “time” for a “permanent” solution.  c) I wanted to make sure that the church had a good person in place when I left so that there would be an easier transition for the students.   So I’ll be at Plaza for a couple more months until the search committee has completed its task and the right person is found.  (Within reason–a couple of our youth said they were going to vote every candidate down so I’d have to stay. 🙂 I appreciate the sentiment…but that ain’t happening.)

So after that point, I’ll have to get a job or two (good thing the economy’s just humming right now!).  But God is good and He’s always provided for us even though things have been and still are pretty tight.

And no, I won’t “put in a good word for anyone’s resume”, even if you ask nicely.  or buy me a steak dinner.  well…maybe…NO.  I’m out of the loop on that and staying that way for good reasons!

If you have questions for us or concerns, or a really nice job offer for me for after my “youth pastor” days are over, comment or email or Facebook or DM me.  I’m pretty easy to track down!